Evaluate conflict management strategies used in a family business.

What similarities does Luiselli imagine between her own family and migrant families?
November 27, 2020
Evaluate the credit risk embedded in SWAPs and identify what contracts can be used to reduce the risks.
November 27, 2020

Kudler Foods Family Plan

Your team has been asked by Kathy Kudler to review Kudler Fine Foods’ employee files and other documents to assess Kudler’s readiness for change. Kathy is ready to make her business a family business and wants to bring her brother and father into the business. Her brother has just received his MBA in finance and her father is coming out of retirement from managing a grocery store.

Research tto explore what businesses comparable to Kudler have experienced. Consider exploring the websites of other fine food grocers to understand this industry.

Write a 1,400-to 1,750-word report in which you address the following:

• What are some of the issues and challenges that might transpire among the family members joining the business and the current Kudler employees?

• How is Kathy going to create appropriate responsibilities for her brother and father at Kudler Fine Foods?

• Identify areas of potential conflict.

• Evaluate conflict management strategies used in a family business.

• Analyze the conflict management approach that works best, and explain why.

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