“Ethics and Trust in Critical Thinking Decisions”

Why do you think age discrimination is so commonplace? How does the ADEA address this discrimination?
February 6, 2021
How is the cancer detected?
February 6, 2021

Ethics and Trust in Critical Thinking Decisions” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine you are seeking information on a new car that you are thinking of buying.
  • Determine the level of trust that you would place in information provided by the following sources: a salesman at the car lot, the dealer’s Website, social media (i.e. Facebook), an associate from work, and finally a close friend.
  • Discuss the key factors involved in assessing the amount of trust that you put into each.
  • In answering the question about the level of trust you would have in the various people identified, did any stereotypes arise in your answer that reflect a bias you may have about people in that group?
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