Why is he saying tribal people are victimized?
December 26, 2020
Why do you think that society’s opinion on spanking children has changed over the last 30 years?
December 26, 2020

Your company has sold 80 ready-to-assemble bookcases to customers You have noticed some disgruntled customers discussing this bookcase on Facebook and Twitter, but they did not mention a specific problem For two weeks you have been closely monitoring these complaints and finally a customer gives the details you need This customer says that the instructions for putting the bookcase together were not in the box

After a trip to the warehouse, you confirm that this is a problem and stop all boxes from going out You have instruction sheets printed and have them placed in a sealed, marked plastic envelope on the outside of the boxes, before resuming shipments

Customer service pulls the contact information for all the orders shipped without instructions How would you handle your response to customers? What would you say?

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