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June 17, 2020
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Forum Instructions

Each student must post (1) substantial initial post at minimum of 250 words per topic by Thursday. Your initial post must contain at least (2) scholarly articles from the Virtual Library properly cited in the current APA format. Also, remember to use APA style formatting for in-text citations at the end of paraphrased sentences and direct quotes as well. Then, reply to at least (2) of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday. Each reply post should be a minimum of 100 words per reply. All replies in the discussion forum should enhance the discussion. Non-informative messages posted in the discussion forum will not be counted towards the required number of posts. *Late discussion posts are not accepted in this course.

Grading Rubric

Initial post: 15 points

Reply posts: 10 points (5 points per reply)

Total: 25 points

Discussion Topic

Describe one of the worst infectious disease outbreaks in history. Identify the causative microorganism. Using the resources available on the Internet, describe in detail how this organism would be identified in a modern laboratory today. Please specify the type of specimen to be studied and the exact tests that would be used for preliminary and final identification. Please describe the appropriate treatments that are available today.
here’s the youtube video link

To access virtual library, you have to go to my school website

then you choose the online class then go to microbiology, then you will see the virtual library