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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Your goal in this workshop should be to describe your thoughts about your partner’s paper as clearly as possible. Avoid evaluators comments, i.e. “This is a great point.” Instead, describe why you are intrigued by the point, i.e. “The connection you make between Freire and Pratt highlights a feature I had overlooked in my reading. Considering this point reveals

A note on being critical: Most of us look for the good in others and hope they will do the same for us. So it’s understandable that you’ll want to say mostly nice things about your classmate’s work. But your response will be more useful to your partner if you point out both the elements you find clear and those that you find challenging.

That said, be polite and, if possible, kind. For instance:

“I have some real difficulty following your thesis because I don’t see a logical connection between points ‘a’ and ‘b.’ is great. But “I suspect a stunned chimp writing with its feces could come up with a stronger argument than the puerile conjecture this paper substitutes for clear thinking” is not ok.

Please follow the following directions in sequence. Number your responses and submit them as a response to your classmate’s post.
Guidelines for response

Download the paper. (I strongly recommend you print it out.)

Read the entire paper.
Read the entire paper again. Annotate it as you would another reading.
Draft a brief one-paragraph summary of the paper.
Identify the sentence that you see as the thesis.
Create an outline of the paper. (Hint: copy and paste the thesis and the topic sentences of each paragraph.) Then, draft a paragraph in which you discuss any transition you find difficult to follow.
Review each body paragraph. Does each claim have specific support? Is that support analyzed? Do the evidence and the support tie back to the paper’s thesis? Write one short paragraph for each body paragraph in the draft you review.
Are there any sentences that you find particularly elegant and/or difficult to follow? If so, note them and include a brief discussion of why.
Are all of the references cited according to MLA? If not, indicate which you see as problematic.
Organize your feedback as follows (be sure to include the headers):

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