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June 16, 2020
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Assessment Aims and Objectives
The aim of this assessment is to incorporate the elements of Building Services unit into a realistic case study. The intention is that this assessment will benefit students by:
• Informing students of the building services components and processes involved in construction
• Providing a good example of the diverse skills, roles, attitudes and attributes of the key stakeholders in a construction project incorporating significant building services, highlighting the need for individuals to develop good interpersonal skills;
• Giving insight into the impact on construction projects that the Services component has and providing an opportunity for students to consider, analyze and discuss what they observe, complementing knowledge gained in studies and work experience

In an effort to make this exercise as interesting and as useful as possible, the assessment has been set up with the following objectives in mind:
• To have students work in a mutually supportive environment using the online facilities to maximise the learning potential of the exercise (use the Discussion Board);
• To enable students to take responsibility for their own learning by encouraging a supportive self-directed learning environment (see “Note” below);
• To structure the exercise in a way that students will be required to call upon the skills and knowledge of construction and services to complete the tasks;
• To provide an assessment that will enable students to consider and improve their own professional and interpersonal skills.
Assessments Overview
The purpose of this overview section is to provide a clear appreciation of the assessment. Later sections include the detailed information that is required to be read, understood and implemented. Be aware that marks are awarded in the assessment based on the requirements of the detailed information – easy marks may be lost if the detailed requirements are not followed.

Note: This assessment will require you to explore and research services to buildings beyond the scope of your notes.

As part of the Building Services unit and the CM course you are expected and required to demonstrate skills and ability in meeting project constraints (i.e. submission deadlines). Do not ask for any extension outside of these guidelines as it will not be given. Speak with your Unit Coordinator early if you are having problems.
Case Study Details:

Students are required to form groups of four, but we reserve the right to alter this due to student numbers enrolled in the unit. Students not enrolled in a group by the end of week 5 will automatically be placed in remaining spaces.

This case study assessment provides each group with a Building Services problem on a new building project. Each student is required to address a specific task of the total Building Services problem. Students are required to work in group to study the total problem and provide an individual technical report for the specific given task in a format that would be suitable to present to their employer, a client, fellow consultants or other professionals. The report will need to explain what the task is, its context and circumstances and an assessment of the best way to resolve it. You are required to collate the relevant requested information and present it in a professional and logical manner.
The Problem:
You are a member of the Project Team for a new city shopping centre. Overleaf is the general arrangement (GA) plan for the ground floor of the shopping centre to provide an indication of the style and size of the construction project that is to be constructed. The project manager has given your team the responsibility of services installation for three specialist tenancies as follows:

• Tenancy 1: Looksmart Alterations (experts in repairing, restyling, shortening and remodelling all types of garments)
• Tenancy 2: Diamond Nail (retailer for nail care, including manicures, pedicures and waxing)
• Tenancy 3: Espresso Pump (sells coffee, cakes, sandwiches and various delicious treats.)

Please see overleaf for the locations (in the GA plan) and floor plans of the tenancies.

You are required to work on one of the following specific task scopes for above three tenancies,

• Task scope 1: Fire Safety, Prevention and Escape measures;

• Task scope 2: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning requirements including cold store or freezer (if required) capacity;

• Task scope 3: Electrical Supply and Lighting provisions expected in the context of shopping centre marketing needs;

• Task scope 4: Water supply, distribution and Waste Systems.

As a member of the Project team, you may not be involved in the services installation until the design is complete. However, you will have to make sure that they all work and will find things that have been left out, forgotten or badly designed because of other elements in the structure.
Therefore, the objectives of this report are following:

1. For the specific task given to you, Identify the service components and their positions those you would expect the designers to have allowed for; in recommending those services, you should provide evidences of considering the following aspects:
• Performance requirement of the total complex and the specific tenancies;
• Sustainable and green design; and
• Building standards and codes.
2. Identify the sequencing of installation of those service components. They may not necessarily be sequential, they may be concurrent – with regard to each other and the structural work (e.g. sprinklers need a slab to be fixed in position but not water and electricity until they need to be tested and become operational). Therefore, you need to consider the integration with the other services.
3. Identify the sub-contractors (types not names) you would expect to go to for prices if you were tendering the work.

Note: All three tenancies are required to be considered as new establishments (not renovation work). For each tenancy, services requirements provided by both the tenant and building management have to be addressed. It is imperative that you work closely with your group colleagues as your individual task solution must be derived considering integration with other tasks.
Assessment 2 should be submitted as a single document (word or PDF) online through your group page as well as through the Turnitin link provided by the due date and time.

Word count:
Each report should not exceed 3,000 words, excluding references, tables, figures and appendices.

The report must contain the following elements:
• A cover page that MUST identify your student number, name and word count. You will be penalised if this is missing!
• An executive summary – use this to outline your undertaking on the learning tasks and provide an overview of your findings and the key lessons you have learnt.
• Table of contents
• Main Body of the Report including:
o Introduction – indicating an overview of the report and a background to your analysis in an appropriate context. In particular, this section could include a short but effective background discussion on the objectives of the assignment and the case study;
o Body of the report – where you identify and detail the information requested with regard to the objectives of the report;
o Discuss options e.g. justify the choices to meet expected user requirements for comfort levels and to improve the project’s deliverables.
o Summarise the findings.

Provide a list of references for all the citations used;
• Each submission must attach a copy of the marking rubric;
• Referencing – As advised on the unit outline; and
• Checklist – follows the marking rubric (you may wish to include with your submission).

Points to note:
• All source material MUST be acknowledged and any form of plagiarism will result in the appropriate measures being taken.
• Assessments must be submitted online through your group page as well as through the correct Turnitin drop-box on Blackboard (not through email or in person).
• Late submissions will be penalised as per the Curtin Late Assessment Policy in the Unit Outline.

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