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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Occasionally a dying person seems to pay a preliminary visit to their post death state. In Final Gifts, Chapter 8, Callanan writes about these experiences. What can we know about the after death experience has fascinated mankind and been the topic of sacred texts throughout history. You can explore this topic as discussed in the course texts and web research into, for instance, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s work on Out of Body Experiences;The Tibetan Book of the Dead; The Egyptian Book of the Dead; or Bertrand Russell’s essay “Do We Survive Death?” and many more books and essays on the topic.
Your assignment: Using the course texts ad web research described last week and this week, including references given just above, respond to this question in an essay of 3 – 6 pages. (Essay details the same as in Week 1).
Compare the belief systems concerning death for at least 3 of the religious traditions we have studied so far. Conclude by stating which of these resonates most strongly with you and why. Your essay should have minimum of 4 references. You should submit a separate reference page.

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