Do you think global warming/climate change is a real phenomenon that will affect you in your lifetime? Is it worth doing something about it now? Why or why not?

Explain why even having high inventory levels can jeopardize sales.
February 12, 2021
Evaluate whether or not there is a change management component to its roll-out.
February 12, 2021

Climate change

Read the reading by Carl Sagan titled “A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing” and discuss your thoughts relative to ozone depletion and global warming/climate change and answer some questions

Read the reading by Carl Sagan titled “A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing” and discuss your thoughts relative to ozone depletion and global warming/climate change. Do you think global warming/climate change is a real phenomenon that will affect you in your lifetime? Is it worth doing something about it now? Why or why not? What type of action is necessary, if any? Do you think there is enough attention given to what many consider the biggest crisis facing mankind? What, if anything, are you willing to give up to deter global warming and ozone depletion? You may want to search other sources to substantiate any comments or thoughts. Recall from the syllabus that you are required to respond to at least one other posting from each of the five discussions. You may post multiple responses to bolster your participation grade.

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Here is a very good video on the subject of regional climate change. If you can not view it click here.

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