Do you believe we have a functioning democratic republic?

Print the augmented matrix and the pivot row and pivot element in every elimination step.
November 27, 2020
The not so Cold War
November 27, 2020

It is well established among sociologists and political scientists that Americans have consistently lower voter turnout at elections than people in most other wealthy, democratic countries. For this discussion, I’d like you to look into this phenomena more on your own, then formulate at least one reason why you think American voter turnout is so low. Don’t forget that your textbook is an excellent resource on this topic. Make sure to cite the sources you consult and make sure that you explanation is consistent with available evidence.

Secondly, if our political leadership is being selected by a minority of the population rather than by a majority, do you believe we have a functioning democratic republic, or do we live in a society that is democratic in name only?

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