Do you agree with their descriptions of the metaphors?

Evaluate conflict management strategies used in a family business.
November 27, 2020
How would you refute the people who chose an additional tool rather than one of the tools that you selected?
November 27, 2020

Discuss the Metaphors in your ad:

Choose any political advertisement.
Post a link to your chosen advertisement below.
It can be the same advertisement you described in Week One, or it can be a different ad of your choice.
Please do not choose the ads we discussed in the lectures.
Metaphors can sometimes be subtle and hard to find, so this activity will help you develop your points for the assignment:

Explain what you think the metaphors are in your ad and why they are used, their rhetorical effect.
Have you noticed all the metaphors?
Have you looked for structural and visual metaphors as well?
Watch the ads of two classmates:

Have they left out metaphors that you noticed?
Do you agree with their descriptions of the metaphors?
Do you agree with what they claim is the rhetorical effect of the metaphors?
200 words min.

MLA please

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