Discussion: Make It or Break It.

Do you personally feel governments should place controls on their citizen’s use of certain Web sites? Why or why not?
February 12, 2021
Which of these four candidates would you hire for this position and why?
February 12, 2021


Discussion Make It or Break It  200WORDS

IS are the types of company projects that can make or break careers in some cases. Get it right, and you can be looking at a bright future at a company. Get it wrong, and that future may become quite clouded.

This week for your discussion, please comment on the following:

  • As we look at the SDLC, what are some types and some phases that can require a more deft touch when it comes to proper management?
  • What are some IT particular strategies for negotiating with all departments to get the proper resources and budget necessary to support an IS project properly?

1-2 paragraph


Can you assist with this question? APA format 75 WORDS

Other than ceasefire, what do you feel is the most significant cultural result of the War of 1812 on today? Why?

Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

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