Discuss the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate.

What opportunities and threats do you think are facing this industry?
January 20, 2021
Discuss the importance of consistent financial reports across all healthcare organizations.
January 20, 2021

Healthcare Financial Management

Read Hirsch, J.A., Harvey, H.B., Barr, R. M., Donovan, W. D., Duszak, R., Nicola, G. N., … & Manchikanti, L. (2016).  Once you have read the article, discuss the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate. “The SGR target is calculated on the basis of projected changes in 4 factors:

1) fees for physicians’ services,

2) the number of Medicare beneficiaries,

3) US gross domestic product, and

4) service expenditures based on changing law or regulations (Hirsch, et al. 2016).”

How have these 4 factors been tied to fiscal performance?  Find some additional sources and support your position through an original post in a few paragraphs.

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