Discuss how reducing HAI delivers higher quality healthcare.

Identify three strategies for improving physician quality practice rankings on physician profiling and quality report cards.
January 19, 2021
Do you agree with the decision.
January 19, 2021

Healthcare quality concepts – Hospital/Healthcare Acquired Infections

Write a 2-page APA styled paper on the following:

Discuss Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

How can HAI be measured? E.g. rates

What is the standard for acceptable levels of HAI? E.g. Less than X number of cases per year.

In the context of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Six Quality Dimensions, discuss how reducing HAI delivers higher quality healthcare as follows:

1) Patient safety: Care should be as safe for patients in healthcare facilities as in their homes.

2) Effective – Care should apply science and, evidence based medical practices and standards

3) Efficient – Care should be cost-effective, and waste should be removed from the system.

4) Timely – Patients should experience no waits or delays when receiving care and service.

5) Patient Centered – The system of care should revolve around the patient, respect patient preferences, and put the patient in control.

6) Equitable – Unequal treatment should be a fact of the past; disparities should be eradicated.

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