Discuss family culture and its effect on patient education.

Have the benefits of the legislation outweighed the costs to industry?
January 18, 2021
Identify one goal of yours, explain why it will contribute to your personal leadership development
January 18, 2021

Write a 650-1300 word response to the following questions: (NOTE: please do the word count as you have been doing. I’m not sure why they switched up the count. )

Remember to have 2 parts- research and critical thinking- both labeled.
APA format citations and references.

These answers will be helping you for your quiz so be sure to find the answers in your text and materials.

Explain multicultural communication and its origins.
Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.
Explain how cultural and religious differences affect the health care professional and the issues that can arise in cross-cultural communications.
Discuss family culture and its effect on patient education.
List some approaches the health care professional can use to address religious and cultural diversity.
List the types of illiteracy. Do not just list-
Discuss illiteracy as a disability.
Give examples of some myths about illiteracy.
Explain how to assess literacy skills and evaluate written material for readability.
Identify ways a health care professional may establish effective communication.
Suggest ways the health care professional can help a patient remember instructions. This is research based. All answers are research based.
This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

Be sure your week 4 is an older adult and set up the interview if you have not already.

Consider: APA documentations details. The writing center can help with this. Cite in the text (for quotes and summarizing both and limit your quotes) and reference at the bottom. You don’t get points for research if you don’t have in text citations. I can’t tell your thoughts from research.
Research: Supporting your points with research is one way to think about each main question and responses. These are not opinion based posts.
Critical thinking/original thoughts: Another way to think about this is drawing strong conclusions about the research.

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