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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Identify whether your state (TX) has a document(s) that outlines its preparedness and emergency management for a disaster. According to the documents you have reviewed, what are the primary threats confronted by your state(TX)?
Identify an example of a plan(s) your state (TX)has to improve the public-private coordination in response to a disaster. Provide an example of one private partner the state would seek to engage. If one is not specifically mentioned, whom do you think would be a good partner?
Think critically about your state’s(TX) preparedness plan:
Do any vulnerabilities exist in the plan? If so, briefly list them or provide an example.
Provide an example of a disaster halo effect. Is the plan sufficiently robust to handle a catastrophic event and the related disaster halo effect? Reminder: Resilience to the disaster halo effect in emergency management refers to the extent to which an affected area is sufficiently agile and connected to deal with cascading and secondary disasters (i.e., A forest fire cuts power to a nuclear reactor causing a core meltdown).


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