.Develop a computer code.

What do you think could be helpful in reducing each of the above risk factors?
December 12, 2020
What lesson did you learn from the experience?
December 12, 2020

1.Develop a computer code for the solution one-dimensional diffuse equation in a plane slab of thickness L. The code generates the system of equations for unknown nodal values using discretization equations for interior nodes and that for the boundary nodes at the left and right surfaces. Solve the system of equations using the Gauss-elimination solver.

a. Use the code for the solution of the problem given in Chapter.5

b. Repeat the problem by progressively increasing the number of nodes as Nx ¼ 8, Nx ¼ 10, and Nx ¼ 12. Present an approximate percent relative error for the estimation of heat transfer rate at the left surface at x ¼ 0 with increasing number of nodes.