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June 16, 2020
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Introduction: to explore a health problem in detail by using a descriptive epidemiologic approach.
Definition of health problem: select a health problem from the following; diabetes, Alcoholism, obesity epidemic.
Explore in detail your selected health problem using a descriptive epidemiologic approach.
Briefly evaluate the agent of the condition.
Examine the sources for data on morbidity and mortality in the selected health problem.
Summarization of data- summarize the data on the distribution of the selected health problem according to the following factors using tables, graphs or other illustrations pertaining to quantitative and qualitative data. Host characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, and ethnic group. Environmental attributes such as geographic areas, social and economic factors, occupation and education. Any additional characteristics that contribute to an epidemiologic description of the disease including biostatistical data.
Current Hypothesis- Summarize any current hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the observed distribution. List the principal gaps in knowledge about the distribution of the health problem.
Further epidemiology research- suggest areas for further epidemiologic research. Critically appraises the data as a whole.
Summary- Provide a summation of thoughts and understanding of the health problem.
Clarity of writing- Use standard English grammar and sentence structure. No spelling errors or typographical errors.

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