Describe your solution to solve this problem.

When did the challenge of terrorism emerge and why?
November 30, 2020
Evaluate how your own cultural perspective has influenced your intercultural experiences.
November 30, 2020

Project Procurement Management


Testing of the completed sensor boards from the outside contractor revealed that almost half of the boards do not meet the required electrical specifications. The contractor claims it is a design problem with the PCB(printed circuit boards) your company provided to them. Your hardware designers argue that they have completed similar designs in the past without any problems. They feel it’s a quality issue with the contractor’s process of manufacturing. After two weeks of meetings, the issue has not been resolved. You need fully functional boards to start the field-testing in one week. The contractor will guarantee fully functional boards if they are allowed to re-design the PCB. They can deliver the completed sensor boards in a week but this would require a special “express” service at an additional cost of $5,000. The current project is projected to finish underbudget.

The owner of the company, Ben, has requested a solution within a day and requires a report detailing the actions your team will take. Prepare a one-page report describing your solution to solve this problem. Include reasons for choosing the solution, commenting on the impact to project costs and schedule.

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