Describe two ways to address low health literacy when designing a health communication campaign.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each using real-world examples.
November 28, 2020
How do you intend to staff your organization and replace members that leave or are promoted?
November 28, 2020

Assignment Details: How do health educators determine if their health communication campaign is effective or successful? When developing health communication campaigns, health educators must consider not only the health information basing the campaign but must also consider the intended audience. Ensuring audience receptivity and uptake of health information distributed by health communication campaigns is important. Engaging in literature reviews of effective health communication campaigns is one way to continue evidence-based practice for health education.

As a health educator, you may research previous health communication campaigns used to promote health and health behavior. By looking at what has worked in the past, it might be useful to inform what might work in the future. Furthermore, by looking at what might not have worked in the past may help to inform what proposed changes you might advocate for in the future.

For this Assignment, conduct research to identify literature on two communication campaigns that are used for your selected health topic. Reflect on whether the communication campaigns you selected are effective. Also, conduct research to identify two scholarly articles on health literacy. With consideration to effective health communication strategies and health literacy, consider how you might develop a health communication campaign for your selected health topic. (MY TOPIC IS CHILDHOOD OBESITY)

The Assignment: (at least 4 pages, excluding title page and references )

Describe two ways to address low health literacy when designing a health communication campaign. Use the course text and other scholarly sources to support your suggestions.
Summarize the strategies and tools that are most effective for these health communication campaigns. Justify your rationale. Use scholarly sources to support your comments.

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