Describe both unhealthy and healthy methods for coping with the emotions.

What social and cultural differences make it difficult for people from distinct traditions to relate to each other productively?
November 27, 2020
Find the stiffness coefficient k of the spring if the car undergoes free vibrations at 80 cycles per minute (cycles/min) when its shock absorbers are disconnected.
November 27, 2020

Format: APA

Number of sources: 2

Number of pages: 3

Spacing: double spaced

Topic: Theories of Stress and Stress Management

Details: 800 words please, I know will answer all questions thanks.
Research has identified 2 primary emotions related to stress: anger and fear.

Choose a detailed study of either anger or fear as the focus for your paper.

Be sure to include the following in your paper:

Provide a description of the emotion that you have chosen (anger or fear), including the following:
How it originates
The body’s physiological response to the emotion
Behavioral ways in which the emotion is expressed
How the emotion relates to the stress response
Discuss the ways in which people tend to cope with the emotion.
Describe both unhealthy and healthy methods for coping with the emotion.
Include at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles in your paper. Use in-text citations and a reference list according to APA style guidelines.

Please submit your assignment.

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