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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Focus on surveillance project attached for the topic flow.
READ THE PAPERS I ATTACHED AS A CONTINUATION of my thoughts! To build on assignment papers that are related and extended topics to help write current.
3. attached is an APA format to ensure you follow strickly, and IN TEXT CITATIONS at the end of the sentenced use, not at the end of the paragraph as we lose points for not doing this correctly too.
4. I have attached sources for citations that are required to include. Please check for those attachments, plus add your own to make the total citations needed please.
5. Please use PARAGRAPH TOPIC LINES to show what the content of the paragraph is about , professor requires this.

Analyze data sources that are or might be used to monitor the disease or condition. Then identify three data sources that you think are useful indicators of an event or trend related to the disease or condition you have selected

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