Define managed care and describe the various models of managed care in existence today.

Explain how global health issues impact local healthcare organizations and policies in both countries.
November 27, 2020
Identify the motivational strategies utilized by the teacher and the theorist associated with the strategies.
November 27, 2020

Details: Instructions
For this assignment, you will be exploring the reasons why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) was created and the ramifications that it has had on the healthcare system within the United States. You will also define managed care and describe its role within the U.S. healthcare system.

Following your introduction, you will outline the reasons why the PPACA was created and summarize its features. You will determine whether or not you believe the PPACA has improved the U.S. healthcare system. You will then present arguments supporting your assertion in the following two areas:

whether or not the PPACA has improved overall healthcare costs in the United States, and
whether or not the PPACA has led to an increase in the practicing of defensive medicine within U.S. healthcare programs.
Helpful hint: You are highly encouraged to use real-life examples to help prove your points.

After you have successfully proven your side of the PPACA argument, you will define managed care and describe the various models of managed care in existence today. Then, you will discuss the role that managed care plays in the U.S. healthcare system.
This assignment will consist of at least three pages, and you will be required to utilize proper APA formatting for your assignment including proper citations and references for at least three sources, one of which can include your textbook (the others should come from the CSU Online Library).

Pozgar, G. D. (2016). Legal aspects of health care administration (12th ed.) [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Retrieved from

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