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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

1). Propose a definition of dance, which represents his/her current understanding upon entering the course (should be your original you sent to me at beginning of class).

2). Appraise how that understanding has altered and expanded to encompass a cross-cultural perspective upon completion of the course. This is the project. As with your prior project, anything is welcome, but pay attention to MLA formatting for papers (especially in-text citations), works cited (even if painting, drawing, movie or other creative medium), and adequate research! P.S. Anything is usable for your research including articles we’ve covered, the textbook readings, videos and lectures!

3). Based on what you’ve learned through this course, how do you think you will see dance moving forward in your everyday life?

4). What would you have changed about this course if you were teaching it?

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