Customer Loyalty and Retention.

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November 27, 2020
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November 27, 2020

Subject: Customer Loyalty and Retention


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Topic: Standards for Customer Service

Details: Competency
Identify and define standards of good customer service.


You have recently been hired as the new Customer Service Manager for a small recreational vehicle dealership. The dealership prides itself on word of mouth marketing and being “family” orientated. As the new Customer Service Manager, your role is to oversee a new initiative for building the customer service database through a new customer relationship program.


You have been asked by leadership to create a report outlining the new customer relationship program for the dealership. With customer satisfaction being the primary goal for repeat business, you have been tasked with addressing the following in your report:

Define a Standard of Customer Service for the RV dealership.
Evaluate the five needs of customers (service, price, quality, action, and appreciation) and their significance to the dealership’s customer service standards.
Analyze techniques for exceeding customers’ expectations and detail how each technique could be used in the dealership’s Standards of Customer Service initiative.

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