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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Assignment: Crimes.

Directions: Go to HYPERLINK “” to look up local crimes in your area. (You do not have to use this website. You may use another news source that is reputable. For example LA Times, CNN, ABC News, NBC News) You will want to look up 6 crimes that have happened locally within the last six months. Be sure to get the news articles that talk about the details of the crime and not just an update or a court preceding. The crime must have taken place LOCALLY in the last 6 months. Do not get articles that talk about court hearings or crimes that took place previously.

Attach articles with your essay. (Need the full articles, no links and no short articles)
Number the crimes you picked 1-6.
Answer the following questions about each crime in a large (7-10 sentence) paragraph. (Total will be 6 large paragraphs)

1. Summary of the crime (include description, time, date, city)
2. What category of crime and type of crime was it (crimes against property or people? And the type like assault or rape)
3. Who was the victim? (age, sex, race, social class etc)
4. Who was the perpetrator or is there a suspect? (age, sex, race, social class etc)
*Please note that questions 3 and 4 are separate from the summary of the crime and need to still be answered specifically.

After you have done the six paragraphs, include a summary. What link do you see between the crimes? Think sociologically. What variables are there in common? What does this say about crime in your neighborhood?

Grading: This will be graded as follows—2 points per each question. (4 questions x 6 crimes x 2 points each = 48 points) 12 points for paragraph 7 the summary.

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