Creation of a business plan.

Identify and describe the major cultural changes in the Soviet Union from 1917–1932.
November 27, 2020
Examine the regulatory requirements, our failures as a society, and what our role of nursing needs to be in the future related to research
November 27, 2020

You are planning a startup eCommerce business called “Healthy Eating” it delivers cook food weekly to customers (it’s like freshly) with a couple of your friends. Each of you has taken over a separate set of tasks in the creation of the business plan to ensure that this new business becomes a success. Your task is to cover components as they relate to the information systems. Propose and detail how your startup eCommerce business will approach the following:

1.Organization’s business model
a. Market share
b. Customer base
c. Revenue
d. Competitors
2. SCM
3. CRM

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