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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020


Note: Unless otherwise noted in the course schedule, you will be submitting Memes on a weekly basis. These instructions will not be provided in future weekly folders. Please check back here to review the instructions

1-As you read through the textbook chapter identify a concept or idea that you can relate to or that stood out to you. Some weeks I may ask you to refer to a specific reading.

2-You will take this concept or idea and create a meme. The text you include at the top and bottom of your meme should illustrate your understanding of the concept/idea from the textbook/specific reading.

Please do not copy and paste memes from the internet. You should create your own meme based on the course materials. 

3—You will need to use a meme generator (see the “How to” section in Blackboard) or click on the following link: Once you generate a meme you may need to create an account with IMGFLIP so that you can save, share and copy your memes. Make sure to right-click on the meme you generated so that you can paste it in a separate document (see next step). If you’re comfortable using a meme generator other than IMGFLIP you are welcome to use it so long as you’re able to meet the requirements.

4- In a separate Word (or another acceptable word processor) document you will paste your meme at the top of the document and write a paragraph to explain how your meme illustrates that particular concept or idea. Your paragraph should include the following:

  1. A concept/idea from the textbook/specific reading. This concept must be in bold font.
  2. A definition of the concept. Please refer to the textbook definition. Do not use other sources for the definition.
  3. An explanation of how your meme illustrates the concept. For example, you will type something like, “This meme illustrates gender policing. Gender policing refers to …..This meme illustrates gender policing because…….”
  4. Include at least one proper in-text citation.

Please make sure that you are using Times New Roman, 12-point font in all of your assignments.  

5-When you are ready to upload your meme please click on the Weekly folder and find the link that corresponds to the meme you’re submitting. For example, if you have a meme due in Week 2, you will upload it to the link entitled, “Upload: Meme#____.”