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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Write a paper on how you would apply the lessons of this course as a controller for an organization. The organization you should use is the Florida State University. The most important part of the paper is that you critically analyze how you would apply concepts from the course in practice. Attached you will find slides of concepts discussed throughout the course that should be used as a basis for the paper. You will need to select at least 4 concepts to include in the paper, in addition to doing researching on Florida State University financial information. You should strive to keep the analysis well-organized, direct and to the point and avoid needless “filler” that detracts from the overall effort. Citations and references are to be in accordance with APA style. Be sure to pay attention to topic flow, proper pagination, sectioning, subheadings, general format, spelling, punctuation, grammar,etc. You will also need to include a 6 slide powerpoint summarizing the topic. Speaking notes should be included in the powerpoint, as the presentation will be recorded.


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