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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Consider the following computer systems:
Home Office Computer System
Home Entertainment Computer System
Conduct some research using the text, uCertify labs, the Online Library, or the Internet, and include the following list in a two- to three-page paper:
Discuss the differences between a home office computer system and a home entertainment computer system. For example, you could discuss what a home office system is used for compared to a home entertainment system and then describe in detail how each system contains different components, such as additional data storage for office files, a color printer for printing proposals, a graphics card for a better gaming experience, or a high-resolution computer monitor for watching videos.
Choose one of the computer systems, home office or home entertainment, and provide some technical details for the system, such as the type and size of the hard drive, memory, CPU, and any other hardware details. You may need to do some research to identify an appropriate system and its technical components.
Discuss details about the printer for the system you chose, such as the make and model, why you chose that particular printer, how it will be installed (wireless, Ethernet, USB, etc.), and how you would configure the printer for network sharing.
Discuss at least two safety procedures you would employ to protect users and the computer system you chose, for example, workplace safety, electronic safety, fire safety, personal safety, storage, disposal, and recycling.
You can use diagrams, tables, or matrixes to help illustrate your discussions, but you must include substantive text to ensure that the illustrations have proper context through written explanations. Be sure to include an introduction at the beginning of your paper.


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