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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Lesson 4 introduces two more types of paragraphs: comparison/contrast and classification. You’ll
learn that comparison is to similarity as contrast is to difference. You’ll realize that the world we
experience is easier to understand as we learn to sort people, places, and things into classes and
categories. Next, we’ll explore the basics of language awareness. That is, we’ll discover ways and
means to convey exact and concise meanings, avoid clichés, and engage readers with evocative,
figurative language. We’ll also explore the use of similes and metaphors. Finally, in a review of the
basics, we’ll ponder and study the mysteries of English verb tenses.
Objective 1 Write concise paragraphs using the organizational styles of comparison, contrast, and

Objective 2 Apply the styles of comparison, contrast, and classification based on a paragraph’s 
Objective 3 Use appropriate transitional expressions for the styles of comparison, contrast, and

 Objective 4 Combine comparison and contrast points into one paragraph.
 Objective 5 Revise paragraphs to eliminate vague, repetitious, or ambiguous language.
 Objective 6 Identify and write similes and metaphors.
 Objective 7 Comprehend and appropriately apply verb tenses—present, past, and past participle

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