Communication styles.

Explain what similarities and differences you see in the product and/or brand between the two countries
November 28, 2020
Analysis of your interview experience.
November 28, 2020

Prepare an individual research paper (7-10 pages of content – exclusive of title and reference pages) on a topic regarding Organizational Communication, Conflict, and/or Negotiation that can assist you in your own professional development. Possible topics for research papers can include any aspect of organizational communication For example: consider topics from your text as well as the topics covered in the weekly lessons and discussions: communication styles, culture, organizational interdependencies, motivation and feedback, groups and teams, power and politics, leadership, negotiation, conflict management, perception, emotional intelligence, groupthink, communication climates, etc.

This paper is expected to show academic scholarship, both in content and presentation. The paper should be formatted to APA, contain a reference list of at least five sources with in-text citations throughout the paper, be free of plagiarism, grammar, and spelling errors. The paper should have a title page, abstract, an introductory section, a literature review of current journal articles or studies that have been accomplished in the topic area, and a conclusion section.

The title page should include the student’s name, course ID (MG5415), assignment name, date, and professor’s name. Include page numbers top right (beginning on the title page), running head left justified all in caps, headings to separate ideas within the paper, proper spacing, formatting (one inch margins and Times New Roman (or similar), 12 point font), and a reference page (APA format).

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