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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

As you prepare to write your final paper things to make sure you are following the appropriate organization:
– Needs to include a clear thesis statement and preview
Literature Review (refer to:
(Links to an external site.)
for help)
– This is NOT an annotated bibliography so please ensure you check the above link to help assist with the appropriate content and structure
Organizational Background
– This does not include any research  or work examples. This is a background of your organization in terms of history, management structure, your particular team and position overview.
– This section connects the problem observed with research discussed in lit review by using examples to illustrate the theory in action
– Includes recommendation based on research and observed problems
Reference Page (APA format)
Things to remember:
– Do in APA format (refer to:
(Links to an external site.)
for help)
– Number of credits determines paper length and number of required sources

For the Organizational Background, I can give you the company and the team ’s some details, but the whole thing you need to make it up by yourself. Remember I am working on a glassware trade company in China.

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