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June 17, 2020
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Communication blunders are often the demise of a business’s reputation or damaging to the reputation of a prominent figure. Whether it is between a customer and a business or an employee and a manager, those involved often wonder what went wrong and how can it be fixed so that it does not happen in the future. Communication recovery, by an organization or individual, is extremely important to maintaining positive goodwill for the communicator and the organization. Freedom of Speech –is free for average citizen but organizations and people in higher positions or in the public spotlight do not have that right in some instances.
In this analysis, identify an organization/person where their “freedom of speech” has affected their organization. You may find examples in Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, newspapers, or any reputable business/news source.

THE BLUNDER TOPIC I CHOSE IS WHEN IN: 1985 Coca-Cola tried to introduce a new, sweeter version of their beverage to combat its (then) new competitor: Pepsi.

Create an outline using the Three-Step Writing Process that was detailed in Chapters 4 -6. The outline must be in ROMAN NUMERAL format in order to count as a sufficient outline.
The outline is based on the Communication Blunder assignment. Your submission should be based on the detail that you plan to include in your full paper.
Here is a link to some samples of how to complete an outline: Link (Links to an external site.)
University Writing Center: Link
An additional resource: Link

Assignment Requirements:
The student will submit a paper (minimum 5, maximum 8 pages) analyzing a communication fail. The analysis should include:
• Clearly identify the communication fail and how it put the organization, employees, shareholders, or the public at risk.
• Explain the factors that contributed to the fail.
• Apply two (2) empirical theories to provide recommendations for preventing future fails.
• What are your recommendations for future areas of concern?
o If you were in leadership, how would you address it?
o Does it require addressing for the individual, organization, and/or consumer?

Your written analysis should be in the following format:
• MLA Format
• 5-8 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font
• Cover Page
• Abstract of the Organization/Person of Interest
• Basic Requirements Outlined Above
• Work Cited

Rubric is attached also if needed

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