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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

For this paper you would be watching the film “Citizen Kane.” You would be writing about the film based of its genre. Below is what you need to be focused on when writing this paper. It you need any other information. I’d be more than black to provide it.

Genre: There are several components that define a film genre. How does your film utilize them?

Theme: what are the central thematic concerns of the genre and how do they play out in your film? For example, you could define the western film through a series of oppositions like garden/wilderness, law/lawlessness, whiteness/Otherness, and so on. How does your film handle this material? Is it typical or outside the norm, and to what purpose?
Iconography: A gangster film has speeding cars and tommy guns, men in fedoras and trenchcoats in cities with rain-slick pavement. A western has wide-open spaces, cowboy hats and six-guns. The family melodrama plays with the look of the bourgeois home (or the visual components of the lives of the poor, if it’s a neo-realist film). What are the visual elements of your film that places it within a genre? How do those elements work with the themes? Another component of a genre’s iconography is the presence of certain actors: John Wayne’s war movies are different from his westerns, and there subtle differences in the way he functions in the two different genres. Is there a comparable use of an actor or actors in the film you are discussing?
Narrative structure: many genres feature characteristic narrative devices – flashback in film noir, the journey/quest in the western, the rise-and-fall arc of the gangster film. How does your film fit in? Why?


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