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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Assignment 2: Team Case Study Report (Individual Section)
Word/Time Limit: 550

Please use Australian Language and References.

Step 2: Choose Your Media Article

Building on your understanding of shared value from Assignment 1B, you should select a current media article that presents a particular socio-economic or environmental challenge or opportunity.

Article Chosen:

Step 3: Conduct Research

Familiarise yourself with the research article, Creating shared value (Porter & Kramer 2011 – attached separately also), because understanding the language of shared value is important to your success in this assignment.

Step 4: Plan And Write Your Report (Section)

Determine how shared value could be further created by developing the relationship with two key stakeholders. The two key stakeholder being; Adani Group (Adani Mine Queensland, Australia) and the local, state and Federal Governments – both taken from the article link above.

You should provide specific, and original, recommendations that would further create shared value, and be beneficial for the organisation, its stakeholders, and broader society.

Your report should identify how shared value could be created by adapting or developing the business model to further consider stakeholder interests.

Please Note:

The attached PDF article by Porter & Kramer actually gives three different ways to which shared value can be found and determined and then implemented, please use this as your main reference will only one other needed for this assessment.


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