Constraint on a deposit creation by the banking system
October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020

Sam& Cat Hotel operates 49 weeks per? year, 5 days per week. It purchases kitty litter for $ 6.50per bag. The following information is available about these? bags:

Demand= 75 bags/week

Order cost? = ?$65?/order

Annual holding cost? = 25 percent of cost

Desired cycle-service level=92 percent

Lead time? = 1 ?week(s) ?(5 working? days)

Standard deviation of weekly demand? = 10 bags

Current on-hand inventory is 250 ?bags, with no open orders or backorders.

Suppose that? Sam's Cat Hotel uses a P system. The average daily? demand, d, is (75/5), and the standard deviation of daily demand is 4,472 bags.

a. What P? (in working? days) and T should be used to approximate the cost? trade-offs of the? EOQ?

The time between orders, P should be ??? days. (Please enter your response to the nearest whole number).

b. How much more safety stock is needed than with a Q? system?

??? bags (Please enter your response to the nearest whole number)

c. It is time for the periodic review. How much kitty litter should be? ordered?

??? bags (

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