Bridewealth and dowry: Impact of these practices on gender relations

Briefly summarize their arguments about this aspect of violence.
November 21, 2020
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November 21, 2020

• Explain the difference between bridewealth and dowry and discuss:
o why these practices occur
o the impact of these practices on gender relations

• Use anthropological texts as your sources: these may be whole books, chapters of books, or journal articles. Minimum 8 texts.

• Your essay should include critical evaluation of the sources you use – e.g. how and why are they different, what are their strengths and weaknesses. As you read, think about what theoretical and methodological approaches have been used: this will help you to evaluate the texts.

• 1,500 words

• Where appropriate, in-text references should include page numbers as well as year of publication. In-text references go inside the relevant sentence/punctuation. For example:

• If a person simply has no son at the time of his or her death, another patrilineal male relative can be called in to perform the rituals; but this idea is disturbing, “almost as if the rituals lose some of their efficacy” (Bennett 1983, p. 130). (BOLD REFFERING TO REFERENCE TYPE) DO not bold within ESSAY.

• Sub-headings are not required in shorter essays

• All sources used in your essay should be included in a bibliography at the end of your essay – but only those you refer to in your essay. List all items in alphabetical order by author surname and do not have separate sections for different kinds of sources.
• References must be in the Harvard style:

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