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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

To be presented in bullet points and short paragraphs.
Total: One page (A4 size)
Reference: within 10 sources

NOT Academic work.
writing style like Q & A.
Easy to understand
In bullet points and also can combine with short paragraphs

1. Define Rimowa’s current target audience? (Specific demographics, gender, interests, ages).

2. What is Rimowa’s current market position. (Rimowa not only positions itself as the leading global manufacturer of functional luxury luggage, it seems like Rimowa appear to be focussing more on fashion, lifestyle etc. rather than just luggage. They want to show they are not just luggage, It seems Rimowa would like to re-define their position.)

3. Who are Rimowa’s competitors, not just luggage companies such as Tumi, Away, Samsonite etc but in terms of Rimowa’s branding and marketing. Who are their competitors in terms of branding? (Please compare with the branding of Rimowa and who are Rimowa competitor’s)

4. Explain the answer to question 3. From what perspective do you think who are Rimowa competitor’s?

5. Rimowa has collaborated with different brands, i.e. skin care, electronics, well known street clothing brand, artist etc.
a. Rimowa has lots of collaborations with different kind of brands, which ones are more beneficial ?
b. Which are helping the company the most ?
c. What is Rimowa trying to reach out?
(This question confuses the client) I want to understand the rational of the collboration with different brands. I don’t understand WHY Rimowa enter different kinds of projects and experiences for the millennial market. What are they doing currently?

FOR ALL QUESTIONS > Please focus on the Asian market where possible, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea.

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