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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

The following criteria will be considered in the evaluation of your paper

Accuracy—Are your stated facts or ideas correct?
Clarity—Is your essay clear and easy to follow? You may want to read your essay out loud to yourself. This will help you catch incomplete sentences or lapses in logic.
Depth—Are the issues and implications well thought out and explored?
Originality—What is your thesis (the main point of your essay)? Have you stated your own views and articulated them well? Use your own words. Do not copy material directly from your text or other sources without quotation marks. If you want to use the author’s exact words, put them in quotation marks and cite the page number from your text or other source material. Don’t forget to express your own opinion.
Supporting evidence—Are your ideas supported with empirical evidence? This is a crucial part of any well-written essay. You may support your ideas with theories, previously conducted research, or other information you encounter in the text and other sources (journal articles and so forth). You may also use personal experiences as supporting evidence when appropriate.
References—Did you use appropriate references to support the main points of your paper? Be sure you have these references—that is, that you have the articles on hand if you used them, and make sure that your references relate to the point you are making or support your inferences.
Form, composition, spelling, and so forth—Is your paper neat and error-free? It helps to run spellcheck before submitting your work and to have a colleague or friend read over your work.
APA style—Did you follow the formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA)? You may also want to visit the APA Web site, the APA Tutorial in the PSYC Learning Tools in the Course Content Area of your classroom, the UMUC Guide to Writing and Research, and/or UMUC’s library Web page

As many sources as you want