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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Biomass is one of the most easily available materials in this present age. Algae is among the newest forms of biomass fuels. As such, biomass has become a sustainable source of organic feedstock for fine chemical synthesis. For example use of algae to produce bioproducts for pharmaceutical industry.
You need to undertake a feasibility study from existing literature on biomass utilisation for fine chemical synthesis. , you will be required to develop a proposal report for an efficient method to produce fine chemicals from a high potential biomass to help local authorities and potential industry partners in decision-making.
In the project, talk about Flue Gas-to-Algae Conversion Process for Value-added Bioproducts ,talk about candidate species , criteria of selection ( SWAT analysis), environmental impact , preliminary design.
Project Title
Your project title. The title should be concise but informative. The main function of the title is to tell the reader clearly and concisely what your project is about. Titles should not be too general or so short that they are meaningless. It’s also a good idea to try to engage your reader with a title they will remember.
• Identifies the specific problem that your research will address.
• Clearly defines what the project aims to achieve.(
• Typically about 300 words.
• Provides a background to the issues and context that motivate your research proposal.
• Demonstrates awareness of the current state of industry practice and knowledge.
• Identifies how your research will improve on current industry practice and knowledge.
• Is supported with references to relevant published work.
• Typically about 500 words.
• Clearly and concisely states your research hypothesis.
• Frames your hypothesis as a statement rather than a question.
• Provides a hypothesis that is testable.
• Provides an indication of your expected results (ICTTT: “in case this then that”).
• Typically about 200 words.
• Describes the steps that you would follow to conduct your research.
• Describes any materials or techniques you would need to use.
• Identifies any potential limitations on the reliability or validity of your methodology.
• Typically about 400 words.
To sum up your conclusions and overall position on why you think your project is worthwhile developing (or not developing)
• All supporting references cited in your report are listed.
• Reference entries are consistent with required discipline referencing style, e.g., APA or Harvard.

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