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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

In this class, we will explore questions around “big” themes relevant to the modern world like citizenship, immigration, race, gender, inequality, globalization, transnationalism, identity, power, and culture

With that in mind, you will be responsible for making connections between the themes/issues we explore in class and the world we all live in today. Each student will be responsible for bringing in an “artifact” related to Asian American culture. This can be anything from a movie, a YouTube video, news article, Instagram page, and/or a favorite blog/website. It can be anything that grabs your interest, but it must be related to Asian American culture.
In addition to turn in a Power Point file for your project, you will also turn in a description in a Word or PDF file of your artifact that explains what interested you about it and how it relates to any of the broad themes/concepts discussed in class and/or the readings.

This assignment is meant to give students the opportunity to connect and apply the topics and themes from the class to the contemporary moment and culture we live in today.

Note: This assignment is NOT meant to be a rigorous outside research project. If you want to do your own academic research on a topic of Asian American culture that interests you, that’s fine. But that is not my intention. Rather, my purpose is to get you to be able make connections and analyze the culture you interact with everyday with the themes and theories of Asian American culture.

1. A link, video clip, news article, physical object, text, website, social media account (or really anything else that you can think of that relates to Asian American culture).
2. A Power Point with picture and words. Remember to focus on the logistics of each slides and use you words economically.
3. A description and analysis of your artifact.
*Note: Your analysis is much more important than simple description. To succeed on this assignment, simply describing an object/artifact with no analysis will not do. Rather, your short essay should address your object’s importance and significance to Asian American culture. To help you frame your analysis, these questions might be useful:
1. What does this object tell us about identity, representation, racialization, Asian American culture?
2. Is its importance mostly economic, political, social, cultural? Or is it a combination? In other words, why is this object/artifact significant?
3. How does this object relate to any of the readings we have done in class?
You are not required to specifically answer these questions. Rather, they are meant to help guide your analysis.

4. Citations and Research: You are required to do a works cited page. Each of your analysis should reference a theme or issue from class readings.
5. I also attached an example to help you understand. Good Luck!

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