Articulate the historical development of criminal law.

Discuss task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting. Which of these three types of job crafting do you think would be most appropriate for the ship crew, and which one do you think would be most appropriate for the hospitality staff?
February 12, 2021
Describe ADHD and explain a pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment for the condition.
February 12, 2021

Criminal Justice

Throughout the class, you have examined the rules of criminal procedure that govern its application and historical development of criminal law. Through various scenarios and analysis of specific crimes, you have learned to distinguish between the social and legal definitions of crime through the dissection of the various elements of crimes. The challenge was to delve deep into these scenarios from the perspective of a criminal justice professional and exchange opinions based on these analyses to further your learning.

Prepare a 4- to 6-page paper (1 page per competency for Competencies 1 through 4), focused on the course competencies and address two key areas of learning for each competency. This paper should showcase your learning proficiency and describe the importance of your learning relative to application in a career context.

  • Competency 1: Examine criminal law and procedure.
  • Competency 2: Articulate the historical development of criminal law.
  • Competency 3: Distinguish between legal and social parameters in criminal law.
  • Competency 4: Analyze the elements of a crime.

If using any online resources, please list the web address in the references. Minimum of 3 references. Please title each page or paragraph with the competency. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!

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