Article review.

How has performance appraisal contributed to perceptions that civil service systems are inefficient or ineffective, in comparison with those systems based on employment-at-will?
November 27, 2020
Discuss the pros and cons of telepresence robots.
November 27, 2020

Using Nellie McKay’s “Nineteenth Century Black Women’s Spiritual Autobiographies: Religious Faith and Self-Empowerment,” consider the importance of faith and religion to Sojourner Truth’s view on her life. How do see the elements of spirituality influence her views on life and how she presents her experiences in her narrative?

As described in the syllabus, essay responses should be 3-4 pages (900 words required). Include a Works Cited page if you use any sources beyond the textbook. It is a very good habit to also include the works cited for the piece which you are discussing. For example, if you discussed Paula Brush’s article, then you would include an entry on your Works Cited page and in-text citations for any quotes or lengthy paraphrases or summaries.

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