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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

At sample arguments and do an argumentative blog post this week. More argument practice will come in Week Three with a refutation blog and in Week Four, with a cause and effect blog.

The following learning activities get you thinking about arguments. They are everywhere! Once you become aware of them, you will see views and positions, values and opinions, everywhere you turn.
Learning Activity #3: Argumentative Language Analysis
Spend a little time surfing the Internet. Pay attention to arguments that are particularly convincing to you. Select one of each of the following:
1. An advertisement, one that includes both text and visuals, such as a Nike, Ford, or Coca-Cola ad.
2. A brief article, opinion editorial, or essay, such as from an online newspaper such as Huffington Post, New York Times, or a blog pos

For each example above, do the following:
1. Copy and paste the web address.
2. Decide how successful the writer or creator was in establishing his or her credibility to you the audience and convincing you his or her argument had merit.

Online students
Submit your choices to your facilitator in the drop box titled Argumentative Language Analysis.

Onsite students
Participate in the class as directed by the facilitator so that you can submit your choices to your facilitator in the drop box titled Argumentative Language Analysis before the beginning of the next class session.

Objective 2: Recognize the power of language in compelling the attention of the audience in personal writing.
Effective personal writing brings the reader around to seeing life from the writer’s window. It comes through careful word choice and consideration of the intended audience. You will practice wordsmith skills by identifying descriptive words, active verbs, and concrete nouns and analyzing how other writers use language for optimum effectiveness and impact