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June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Analysis of Policy Advocacy in Previous Scholarly Writings
To help you prepare for this week’s assignment, Letter to the Editor: Population Health Policy Advocacy, this discussion will provide you with an opportunity to discover and analyze previous scholarly submissions that advocate for specific policies. You may find one that actually addresses your concerns.

Locate two pieces of scholarly writing that advocate for a specific health policy. The writings should be found in peer-reviewed journals, but do not have to be from nursing journals. While it would be helpful for you to find writings that address the subject matter you have chosen for this course, it is not required.

In your initial post, complete the following for each piece. Be sure to follow the requirements for initial postings found in the Faculty Expectations Message (FEM).

Analyze what the piece did well with regard to advocating for the specific policy consideration.
How could you apply these strategies to your Unit 9 assignment submission to make your advocacy more persuasive and compelling?
Analyze what the piece did poorly with regard to advocating for the specific policy consideration.
How will you work to avoid similar weakness in your assignment submission?
Be sure that you use appropriate APA style to cite the writings you reference.

About me: I have been a nurse for 15 years, I worked in the hospital for 2 years and the rest Home Health in South Florida. I’m currently a DON at a home Health agency. Please use source from 2015 to present and only use .org .edu and .net

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