How did the sub-prime mortgage crisis spillover into the broader banking sector?
October 30, 2020
Corporate Finance
October 30, 2020

1.     What are some other combinations of interest and years that meet the rule of 72?

2.     Why does the combination of seven years and 10% not equal 200 in the simple interest Table 17.3?

3.     Why does a GC concern itself with a subcontractor’s financial strength?

4.     The construction contract between ECC and Northwest Resorts is for $24.5 million. Is this the ‘cost,’ ‘value,’ ‘price,’ or ‘worth’? Note: it could be more than one of these choices.

5.     Why should a PM and cost engineer be aware of TVM?

1.     At what interest rate (i) would a PV of $100 be the same as a FV of $100 in any given year (n)?

2.     When would a PV cost figure be greater than a FV cost figure?

3.     Do you have money in a savings account? You should! How much interest are you earning? Is it enough? If left in place at this interest rate, when would your savings account double?

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