What is the price per tablet following the discount?
December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020

.Analyze the agency’s compensation for employees. Provide arationale on what the costs and benefits would be for a 2 percent,4 percent, or 5 percent pay increase for the fiscal year 2014. Inyour forecast, (a) discuss the effects of the increase on benefitsfor the agencyand (b) provide a chart depicting the increase foreach percent. (Title this section Payroll Forecast.) 2.Review thetrend of the agency over the past five (5) yearsand prepare ananalysis explaining the trend for expenditures. Include a figuredepicting the trend. (Title this section Trend Analysis.) 3.Prepareand explain a five (5) year forecast of the four (4) highestexpenditures. Make an XY plot of these data. Include in theanalysis whether the costs should be approved or not approved.Justify the reasoning with examples. (Title this sectionExpenditure Forecast.) 4.Compare two (2) options for predicting thecost of needed repairs to thecurrent building that houses theselected agency by completing Exercise 1 at the end of Chapter 1(page 92). Provide a rationale for recommending one (1) of the two(2) options. Include the figures to support the rationale. (Titlethis section Capital Budget.) 5.Provide names and URLs of theWebsites for the state’s budget(s) analyzed and any othergovernment Websites used to support the assignment’s criteria.

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