A Critique of Two Biographies and Two Autobiographies.

Earth science.
February 5, 2021
What were some of the most significant challenges they faced, and what could they have done to better overcome these challenges?
February 5, 2021

A Critique of Two Biographies and Two Autobiographies

Write a critique on two biographies and two autobiographies attached.

Please read the final four pieces of writings (non-fiction narratives) in the Class Reader–two biographies and two autobiographies.
And write a critique on these works:
a. What are Maxine H. Kingston’s creative intents in the narratives “No Name Woman” and “Grandfather of the Sierra Mountains”? (for the grandfather piece, for example, why does Kingston use the most impressive part of Chinese American history–building the Transcontinental Railroad–and portray the grandfather as a “nut case” with deviant behavior?
b. On the two autobiographies–a man with a family in California and the other a single man in New York City–what are their significance for us to understand Chinese America before the Civil Right movement of the 1960s?

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