Do you agree with the author’s finding?

What should be emulated and discarded?
December 25, 2020
How are these topics related to a current business-government news story?
December 25, 2020

The article “Blame the Media? The Influence of Primary News Source, Frequency of Usage, and Perceived Media Credibility on Punitive
Attitudes,” by C. A WaidLindberg et al., examines how media has impacted the ideology of a large group of college students. After reading the article, write a brief summary of the article, and answer the following questions: 1) What is the authors’ main point? 2) Do the authors’ arguments support their main point? 3) What evidence supports the main point? 4) Who is the intended audience? 5) What is your opinion of the article? Do you agree with the author’s finding? 6) What evidence, either from the textbook or other sources, supports your opinion? The name of my textbook is The public policy of crime and criminal justice by Marion, Nancy and Oliver, Willard 2nd edition

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Do you agree with the author’s finding?
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