Articles analysis.

What are the potential consequences at the state level? At the national level?
December 22, 2020
“The essence of project management is risk management.”
December 22, 2020

Assignment: Deviance in the News

STEP 1: Find a current article about a crime that has been committed within the past three weeks. Look for language within the article that lends itself to a sociological explanation of the deviant behavior using one or more of the theories of deviance. You should not Google “crime” or “deviance” to find a current events article related to crime and deviance; rather, check reputable online news sources or an actual article about a crime or deviant behavior. There are always major deviant acts each week that make the national and local news.

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Articles analysis.
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Articles should be a minimum of 500 words, recent (within three weeks), relevant (related to crime, deviance, and social control), and from a reputable * news source (many colleges provide free access to national news sources). (STAY IN THE GREEN BOX)

STEP 2: Write a thorough summary of the article.

STEP 3: Using your sociological imagination, write an analysis of the article that connects the main idea/s of the article to specific key terms and theories from our chapter on Deviance, Crime and Social Control.

STEP 4: Include the link to your article, check for any writing errors, and submit your article with your response paper.

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